Radian Revisited

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Prog Rock meets Jazz Fusion

Listen on Spotify to the first single - Suspended - from my new album - Radian Revisited.

Here's Steven Azami's (Jango Radio) review of Suspended:

"Suspended" is an exciting new release from extremely talented Pittsburgh based musician/composer/producer Bob Neft. This uptempo instrumental track features a lively prog-rock arrangement highlighted by funky percussive bass, frenzied precision drumming and big brassy synths. Fluid themes and triumphant motifs keep the listener engaged throughout this musically intricate piece, aided in part by incredibly compelling solo guitar sections that bring a nice rock element to the table. Fans of prog-rock and jazz fusion alike will find a lot to love about Bob Neft's "Suspended", thanks to the spectacular musicianship and stellar compositional skills on display here.

Strongest Point(s): Outstanding production, excellent mix. Good tonal balance. Amazing arrangement. Plenty of variation while still maintaining consistency. Wonderful energy and a really positive, uplifting atmosphere on this track. Rhythm section sounds fantastic and incredibly agile, it's a great mix and they're really locked into one another. Brass synths sound awesome, and it sounds like you mixed live horns into that as well, but I could be wrong there. Either way it's a nice, rich sound. Love the little harpsichord-esque fills/runs. Terrific guitar tone in the solo sections towards the end. Overall, it's a tremendous piece of work that was a joy to review. Sensational effort, all around!

Please give it a listen, like (if you do) and follow on Spotify. I really appreciate your support of Independent Musicians like me. Thanks!

A Journey's End

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Follow-up concept album to The Demise of Gaia. A reflection on the craziness of 2020 and a hopeful future.

The Demise of Gaia

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Concept rock album about the beauty of Mother Earth and the careless destruction that us humans have been causing. We need to care about each other, look up from our screens and get involved in saving Mother Earth before it is too late.Add text

Wow! I have missed that sound at Unitopia’s height for so long. Neft has brought back many memories here. This is a wonderful collection of inspired music created to make you stop and think about the Earth, while enjoying wonderful music. Please give this a listen. ” - Professor Mark

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