From the recording The Demise of Gaia


'Cross a scorched desolate land
Walks a lone deserted man
Forsaken by the path we've chosen
The solace and pain that he now knows
The loss of everything we hold dear
Became the burning scourge
Of grief and fear


Heart breaking
Regretting all that we have done
Our love
Our life
The endless strife
Of suffering

They came for a reason
And, There was no turning back
Providing the knowledge we did lack
They Came
To guide and end our suffering
The path we chose diverted
It wasn't what they had planned
The gifts that we perverted

What have we become
What have we done?
Everything is now lost
The greed resulted in endless cost
Humanity … Insanity
The gravity of life's loss


And now, I’m the only ONE!