From the recording A Journey's End


Now i think I know
It was fear
Fear of what was in their own minds
But fear, fear of what?
They foresaw the future!

Come along
Let’s Begin the journey
We climb mountains
Not for the world to see us
But for us to truly see our world
What grand vistas awe inspire and impress

(Behold sights unseen
Wonders that leave us breathless)

Leading the way
(Bestowed delights between)
To The path
(Wander on a road that’s endless)
That lies before us
The heart of man craves beauty
As the soul of man seeks for god

We’ve lifted the veil
On where we’ve been
Maybe it’s time that we can mend

The disenfranchised are now a cause
The world has stopped and we’re now on pause
We've been Given the time to address our flaws

The sleeping giant is now woke
Open to the hope
For a better day
A better way

It’s gonna be ok
It’ll all work out

The heart of man craves beauty
As the soul of man seeks out god

Seeking sight
to find the light
Guide us right
Back to the path

We sojourn on
To find the one

Give me something to believe in

Who will guide us on
Onward Thru the day

A Leading Light Ahead
Onward through the night

Give me something to BELIEVE!

We are One
We Live in Harmony