From the recording Celtic Tales


On the shores of Ventry Beach, a fierce battle did unfold
The Fianna, led by Finn MacCool, standing tall and bold
Against Bolcan the King of France,
They fought with all their might
For seven long days, their swords clashed in the sunlight

Dord Fian, the Fianna war cry
Echoed through the air,
Inciting fear
bringing victory near

Steel against steel, they fought with might
With swords and shields,
Oisin's bravery, shone so bright
He struck with fury, his sword ablaze

Oisin faced the mighty King Bolcan
Their swords clashing,
exchanging blows smashing
But Oisin's strength and courage,
proved to be too much
As he vanquished the French King

Finn, not one to be outdone, took on the fearsome Ógarmach
A Greek amazon warrior, who was known for her brutality
With a quick swing of his sword, Finn defeated his foe
And then turned to face Dáire Donn

Dáire Donn, fell to his blade
The invaders could not sustain
admitted defeat and took flight
Finn, Oisin and their men were victorious tonight

And so this story, of Ventry's Beach
A tale of bravery, that we will teach
How Finn MacCool and his mighty clan
Defeated King Bolcan
And saved Ireland