1. The Fianna

From the recording Celtic Tales


Hey yo, Hey yo, Listen
My Name is Conan Mac Morna
Some call me Conan the Bald
Don’t piss me off
Gotta Warn Ya
I might just strike
And, Put your head on a Pike
So fast ya be mauled

Educated, strong, romantic, like an action
Hope the transaction got some reaction.
My strength drops deep as does my purity
When I was young waz kicked out without no maturity.
I never thought I'd see that surety.
Ain't a soul alive that could take my security.

A kind warrior is quite the quarrier.
Beyond the walls of brothers, life is defined.
I think of love, country, loyalty, and brotherhood
when I'm in an Ireland state of mind.

We’re Pure of Heart
Strong as a tree
Our actions match our words

An Ireland State of Mind

Words that have actions, speak louder than gold,
Through tales and melodies, our stories unfold,
From ancient traditions, to modern-day dreams,
In the heart of Ireland, a symphony beams.

Through the whispers of poets, in verses sublime,
We capture the essence of life beyond time,
In every word spoken, a piece of our soul,
Weaving narratives, our emotions unfold.

With each heartfelt stanza, we bridge the divide,
Painting pictures that words alone can't describe,
With courage and passion, we stand tall and strong,
Our voices echoing, like a Celtic chant song.

Love of Ireland, a flame that burns bright,
Together in harmony, we'll conquer the night,
Through valleys and mountains, our spirits unite,
In this land of heroes, we find our true light.

(Counterpoint voice)

We are Fianna Proud
Fiercely Loyal True
A Brotherhood Bound