From the recording Celtic Tales


As a Myst shrouds the highlands
Dew like crystals lay on the green
I prepare to leave my beloved home behind
With Niamh I ride to lands unforeseen

The Fianna Out hunting stag
In Contae Chiarraí Ravine
From the myst came forth
A stallion bright as snow
With Rider whose radiant beauty
Enraptured all spellbound

Tir Na NoG
A new adventure awaits
Who us this vision
From across the Silver Sea
Tir Na NoG
A land of Mystery
That draws me away

She Came from Tir na nOg
The Daughter of the King
Oisin - she proclaimed
I’ve Come for thee
To bring you
To a land far across the sea

A land
Where sights of beauty
Few have ever seen
Amazing Wonders
No advance of age

We’ve heard of a man
A Valient Warrier so Brave
Whose Deeds and Talents
Led to fame
If you seek adventure
And a Noble quest
Come with me
To Tír na nÓg
At the King’s Request