From the recording Celtic Tales


Tir na Nog
Is a land where no one grows old,
A tale of love and destiny unfolds,
There's a king seeking an heir to his golden crown,
And a daughter who deserves a love renowned.

Oisin, a warrior poet,
Called to Tir Na Nog, 
The king asked him to stay,
Because his reign was way too long. 
Oisin guided by shining love -
Niamh was her name,
Stands before king and court this day

Marry my daughter,
become our chosen one,
Together we'll write our story,
under the setting sun,
I'll pass on my kingdom,
retire as the king,
In a land of eternal bliss,
where love will forever sing.

He's a man of wisdom and grace,
With a heart that's pure,
a loving embrace,
She's a princess,
full of dreams and hopes,
Searching for a partner
Together to rule this land

Oisin and Niamh, the Golden King and Queen
(Oisin) So Honored to Rule beside Niamh
Their marriage to bring about a new regime
(Niamh) Oisin will be an honorable King
The King's burden will now be relieved
(Together) Together Forever as King and Queen
Their love for each other has been decreed

So the story goes on where they wed 
Their love so true and strong
In Tir na Nog, they will forever reign 
And the King's heart relieved in song