1. St. Patrick

From the recording Celtic Tales


Oisín traveled across the land,
With a heavy heart and broken hand,
Realizing the time of heroes was gone,
The stories of Finn and the Fianna now just sang songs,

He asked the people he met on his way,
But all they did was laugh and say,
Those were just silly tales, never true,
Oisín's heart broke, what could he do?

He told them his story, of Finn and his men,
But they couldn't decide, if he was mad or it was just pretend,
So, They took him to Saint Patrick, the holy man,
Who wrote down all that Oisín's tale spanned

In return, St. Patrick told him of Christ,
And the promise of eternal life,
Offering to baptize him in faith,
But Oisín asked, was Finn ever saved in the same wraith?
St. Patrick replied, that Finn was a pagan man,
And would suffer eternal damnation in God’s Hand 

So Oisín stayed true, to his olden ways,
For he believed in his heart, in his final days,
But his stories lived on, through his words and deeds,
For Finn and the Fianna, will always be remembered, through the ages and creeds.